Front View of Ryokeiji Temple
Ryokeiji Temple belongs to Izumoji Sect, one of the ten allied sects of Shin Buddhism in Japan.  The main temples of four such sects are here in Fukui Prefecture.

     Sutra Storehouse (Fukanzo)
The sutra storehouse was built in 2003 to secure the storage of the collections of Buddhist sutras, texts and books.

      Temple Garden
At the back of the Main Hall and Guest House there extends a spacious moss garden. During the winter season the trees are protected from the snow with ropes.

     Altar in the Main Hall
In the center stands the image of Amida Buddha in the ornamented.

         Guest Room
On the frontal wall of the guest room hangs the scroll of the mountain name (Hachi Oji Zan or Eight-Prince Mountain) of Ryokeiji Temple which was brush-written by Lord Sukemasa Honda about 200 years ago.
  This guest building is about 85 years old and the temple garden is well viewed from this room.