Dharma Card for December, 201

           That person is gone,

This person is gone,

Like a faint sound of the bell

from a mountain temple,

                   Their note lingers in my mind.

                                 ---Eiichi Enomoto


Photo by Isamu Tsugo


   Towards the preparation season of new year’s cards, mourning cards arrive from time to time.  Unexpected death news of an acquaintance hurts my mind so deeply that I am often induced to write a letter of condolences, though time lagged.

   A saddening case: “My eldest son was gone at the age of 52,” wrote a Dharma friend, who is nearly of the same age as me. How shocked he was?!  I could not find appropriate words to console him.

   On a second thought, all persons I exchange new year’s cards with are getting older year by year, so the iron rule
“Living ones are to die” appears here and there, hence the increase of mourning cards.

Above all, I myself am not an exception to the rule. When realizing so, Mr. Enomoto’s poem moves me again. .

The bell sound of a mountain temple is a true call of the Buddha who sheds tears on our limited life and guides us to the peace of nirvana (enlightenment).

If you feel such a faint sound from this card, He would be pleased.