Dharma Card for April, 201


               Having resigned oneself to the providence,

               One does the best in peace.

                                 by Rev. Manshi Kiyozawa


Photo by Isamu Tsugo


“What!  Isn’t it ‘Having done one’s best, one leaves the rest to the providence’? ” Yes, usually it is. People say that they have no choice but to do the best they can and wait for what the providence decides.                                                       

It sounds manly, but it implies self-conceit that one has done one’s best as well as expectation for a good result, and even unrest what if a miserable result should ensue. There lurks a dark bottom behind the seemingly strong surface.

In contrast, being at ease after entrusting yourself to the providence or the great design of the Buddha from the beginning and then doing what you can as guided by His teaching---this way of living is decidedly bright and broad.  This brightness comes from resigning yourself entirely to the great compassion and wisdom of the Buddha.