Dharma Card for August, 201


               A death practice being

             Impossible to my regret;

             I can’t but act on the stage without a rehearsal,

             Uneasiness lingering in my mind.   .

                            ---Imaizumi Akira


Haiku Picture by Miyoko Tsutsumi


                   Determination for death

Has been made already,

Yet as it will be my first time,

Uneasiness remains with me.

              ---Kimura Yoshiki


Both Tanka poems, taken from the Asahi Kadan, honestly express the uneasiness about death. 

Surely my own (the first person’s) death cannot be experienced,  while we acutely experience

“your  (the second person’s) death” and see and hear about “his/her  (the third person's) death.

What is death like as a phenomenon and what will become of us thereafter?  These questions

have to be left to the Buddha. Now we simply hear His teaching, “Those who believe in My Original

Vow to save you and call My name are sure to be born in My land of enlightenment.”