Dharma Card for June, 201


               When sunk into a plight, shedding tears,

                one knows the depths of people’s mind.



Photo by Isamu Tsugo


“Good-bye, Mom.  I will be back to see you after I’ve become
a good monk.” “No, you won’t have to be back if you’ve become a
good monk, for anybody will take care of you then. But, if you
should have made a blunder and nobody cares about you, or if you
were sick and cannot stay in the temple, then come home any time.
I will be waiting for you all the time.”  This boy was later to become
the famous Chief Abbot Gempo Kitano of Eiheiji Temple, respected
by a great many people. He would often express a heart-felt
recollection that those parting words by his mother supported him
throughout his life.                                

Different from “love” that accepts people when they are favorable,
“compassion” that saves all unconditionally is the Buddha’s mind
or Tathagata’s wish.