Dharma Card for May, 2019

                Harmony is the first to be valued.

                                         Prince Shotoku                                          

 Painted by Miyoko Tsutsumi

   Welcoming the first day of the new era “Reiwa” (Auspicious harmony), we
Japanese feel refreshed and hopeful. Dr Susumu Nakanishi, who is the actual
godfather, spoke in a newspaper
interview that “wa” reminds him of the first
article of Prince Shotoku’s Seventeen-article Constitution: Harmony is the
first to be valued.

   As you may know, Prince Shotoku, becoming the regent of Emperor Suiko,
desired to establish a new national system and firstly enacted a constitution
consisting of seventeen articles in 604. The first article was “Harmony is the
first to be valued,” followed by the second, “The three treasures (Buddha,
Dharma, and Sangha or Priesthood) are to be respected most heartily.” He
distinctly aspired to realize a harmonious country by the spirit of Buddhism,
as he concluded later “The world is delusive; the Buddha alone is true.”

   In the mind of harmony
        Let us live a life of the nembutsu
              Auspiciously.                           Guseki