Dharma Card for October, 201

 A million calls “Cheer up!”
                       do not console the bereaved so much
                            as a drop of tears. 

                                                ---Ken Murakami

            Photo by Isamu Tsugo


             Elder brother Kiyoshi’s papa passed away and a lot of people came for the funeral, saying to
           him, “You should hold up now,” or “You company expects you a lot.”  He had to respond by bowing
           so many times that he could not have time to weep.

                 After they went back, a friendly old lady came. He felt tense expecting another cheer-up, but
           she only stroked his head saying, “I know how sad you are.” Hearing her words, Kiyoshi could not
          help his tears coming out, and she also wept.  It was only the old lady that truly understood his sorrow.

  We human beings can live on when we know the Buddha always is with us in his great compassion.