Dharma Card for March, 201

             I did it for you,

              but, you…,”

              This “but” causes you trouble.

                                 by Takako Noji

Painted by Miyoko Tsutsumi


    A virtuous priest was passing by the shop, when his sandal string broke.
Seeing this, the shop-keeping lady rushed out and fixed it up for him.
“I could do him a kindness today,” so saying, she spent a pleasant day.                                     

Next morning, when she was sweeping the shop front, she saw the priest
come along and expected him to say, “Thanks for yesterday,” but he did not
even notice her. “What a monk!” In indignation, she told on him about in the

Hearing her gossip-making, the priest asserted that her kindness was not
a dāna deed, but a self-satisfying action. In Buddhism true dāna requires ‘the
triple void,’ or detachment from the donor, donee, and donated object. In an
easier term, you should forget or do not stick to who did what kindness to whom.

   After all, you should not attach ‘but’ to your deed of kindness, if it is true.