Dharma Card for January, 201

                        What is the Happiest

                 in the New Year

                            is the Nembutsu.

                                                   by Kubutsu


           A Happy New Year

            The 30th Year of Heisei


         The 2561st Year of Buddha’s Nirvana

   Kubutsu or Ven. Koen Ohtani (1875-1943) was the 23rd
Chief Abbot of Higashi Honganji Temple, famous as a haikuist
and painter. He composed more than 20000 haiku in his life.

   His haiku above implies that as it is a great joy for us to be
able to sit and worship in front of the Buddha on the New
Year’s day
, we should say the nembutsu, the most important
practice as a Buddhist.  

  I sincerely hope our Dharma relationship will be deepened
            for this year.   

("Kimyo-jinjippo-mugeko-butsu" brush-penned by Ven Koei Fuji)