Dharma Card for December, 2017

                                                                      Koju Fujieda  


              “What is the Dharma at all?”

            “It is the opposite of a gun.

             A gun kills a living one,

             while Dharma turns a dead one alive.”

                        by Rev. Daisen Takamitsu

    When Rev. Daisen Takamitsu visited a temple follower’s home for Ho’onko
service, the eldest son of
the family was attending the Dharma talk unusually. 

Daisen:  Hi Son, welcome to the Dharma seat.

Son:   I was not willing to be here, but my parents urged me so earnestly.

Daisen:  It’s a rare chance to hear the Dharma. Why not ask any question?

Son:     What is the Dharma at all?

 Daisen:  It is the opposite of a gun.

 Son:     Opposite of a gun?

 Daisen:  Yes. A gun kills a living one, but the Dharma turns a dead one alive.

 Son:     Does the Dharma revive a dead one in the coffin?

 Daisen:  No, it makes a dead one like you live.

 Son:     I am not dead.  I am alive as you see.

 Daisen:  No, you are not living, but just moving. You pop rice into your mouth three
times a day, and you move, jut like the locomotive you drive does when you
put coal into its boiler. It just moves, but
does not live. A man should live truly.
Do you have any joy in your

The son was awakened by Rev. Daisen’s words and came to seek the Dharma

earnestly thereafter, finally serving as a temple caretaker.

Well, are we living a true life?
Surely our body or heart is moving, but
have we spent a year full of the joy
of true living?  Let us ask ourselves in
the nembutsu.