Dharma Card for November, 2017

                                                         Koju Fujieda  

              The Breath of Dear Tathagata is


     On returning, it becomes my life

            Parent and child live the same life;

            The same breath is the nembutsu;

            What a gratitude our tie is!
      What a gratitude!

                                      by Rev. Zuiken Inagaki


Rev. Zuiken Inagaki (1885-1981) delivered a series of ardent lectures
at the summer special Dharma session in Goshoji Main Temple, and when
I asked a question, he replied as shown above.

   “Namoamidabutsu,” uttered from my mouth, is really “Dear Tathagata’s
breath! he said. I thought I was saying the nembutsu of my own volition,
but it was really a call from Dear Tathagatha, wishing to save me from
delusion!  Moreover, when I heard in my ears the nembutsu I uttered, it
had returned to become my own life!  What an impressive revelation!

   “Saying the nembutsu, we breathe the same breath with Dear Tathagata!”