Dharma Card for October, 2017

                                                         Koju Fujieda  

            Tears, tears, for my tears,

          Tathagata has built his country,

          Pure Land.      

                                      by Shigenobu Shirai


   On the topic “Tears have a Buddha dwelling within”, Rev. Yuko Kajiwara
delivered an impressive Dharma talk at the autumnal equinox service in
Ryokeiji.  It reminded me of the above Tanka poem by Shigenobu Shirai
sensei. He encountered the atomic bombardment in Hiroshima and had
his son die of war-related disease in Siberia.

       My son, dead in Siberia,

is coming home unexpectedly,

I dreamed in vain with tears.

How many sad tears he must have shed!  It is for such suffering beings
as us that the Tathagata constructed the Pure Land

   Another peom of Shirai sensei:

      Incarnating Himself tentatively as my son,

      Tathagata of eternal life

      Has returned home so quickly.

   In reflection, Shirai sensei came to view his dead son as the Tathagata
who appeared in this world to guide me to the Pure Land. How deep his
shinjin is!  Simply Namuabidabutsu.