Dharma Card for September, 2017

                           Koju Fujieda      

                           Ryokeiji Temple


             Thanks to the insulators that do not pass electricity,

             it does pass along.

                                                 Prof. Masahiro Mori


   “An insulator is a substance that does not conduct electricity; therefore in order to pass electricity on, insulators that are against electricity are absolutely necessary.  Likewise, in order to run a car, the brakes against running a car are necessary, and in order to pass water, a pipe of lead or vinyl that is against passing water is necessary.  In the same way, in order to pass your opinion, opinions of those who are against it are necessary. Such opposite beings or critics are not enemies but requisites in order to brush up your opinion.  Thesis needs antithesis.”  This is a wise saying by Dr. Masahiro Mori, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

   Human life also becomes substantial because of anti-life death; if you forget death, your life will be like a rootless grass on the water or a dreamlike illusion.  In religion, too, the right faith confronts with doubt, but it will prove to be legitimate only when it responds to doubt properly.

   Let us say the nembutsu (thesis) in midst of our daily grievances (antithesis).