Dharma Card for July, 2017

          As the summer advances,

          Looking at the lotuses in the ditch,

          I think of the teachings of the Buddha,

          Quietly in the early morning.

                Poem by His Majesty Emperor Showa


   This poem was composed as His Majesty Emperor Showa in July, 1988, as he was contemplating at the lotuses blooming in the ditch of the palace.  He must have been thinking of the Buddha’s compassion during his ailment half a year before his demise in January, 1989.

   When a person mentioned “This weed,” the Emperor is said to have admonished, “There is no flowering plant named ‘weed.’  However small it may be, every grass or flower has its own name.”

   Yes, each being, each plant, which may be bundled as a cluster of grasses, has its own life. The sun shines on each hoping to make it grow to the full.  It is just like the Buddha’s mind to save all cluster-like beings by giving them the true merit of His Name.

   I respectfully hope the present Emperor is also interested in the broad realm of the Buddha’s teachings.