Dharma Card for June, 2017

When I'm alone with nobody around,
Dear Nembutsu whispers to me,
"You are not alone, not alone;
I'm here as you hear me."

          ---Muso Kimura
"I have no place to return to now; I am alone with nobody
to accompany me." (Ven. Genshin's Ojo-Yoshu, or Collected
Key Works for Pure Land Birth) This is a scream of the one who is
falling into hell.
Even in the midst of a mass, like in a jam-packed train, if you have nobody
to understand you truly, you are lonely. If you are neglected in your family
and not talked to at all, you will be forlorn.
The Tathagata is, however, always with you. As Ven. Shan-tao remarks,
"Amita Buddha always sees you, hears you, and knows you all the time,"
if you say the nembutsu, you actually feel the presence of the Tathagata
with you to your security.