Dharma Card for May, 2017

As she always looks at the mirror,

Mom is pretty all right; but

When I look at her soles,

How dirty they are!

“Soles,” I cried, “why not look at the mirror?”.

                  ---Naoko Murakami


  “Dad always gives nice talks to visitors with a smile,
but after they are gone, he does not stop speaking ill
of them. I wonder how he can manage to do both with
his single mouth.”

Both remarks from the kids pinpoint adults’ blind spots,
which reveal to the former a contradiction between the
surface and the inner side of the latter. I may not be free
from this danger. Is it not real that I am just unaware of
the fact that I hold such a contradiction within myself? 
If so, I am smartly reminded of Shinran Shonin’s insight
that the Tathagata chases and tries to save us who are
running away from Him. Thinking that I am facing Him
rightly, am I not deceiving and acting against Him in the
depth?  How do I reflect on the mirror of innocent kids?