Dharma Card for April, 2017

As my Dear Light comes to me,

the haze of my mind

seems to dissolve of its own.

                    ---Eiichi Enomoto

On the morning of a spring day it happens
to be so hazy that cars run with their head
lights on, but it will soon clear up as the sun
light comes on.

Our mind tends to be foggy with uneasiness, irritation, timidity,
the blues, etc. If the nembutsu “Namoamidabutsu” comes out of
our mouth on such occasions, our mind will be relaxed of its own.
Since the bembutsu is the light from the Pure Land, it disperses
the fog naturally, so inconceivable is the wisdom of the Buddha’s

On the internet there appear several means to solve the
fogginess of the mind like stretching gym, light music, etc. They
are all allopathy, while the nembutsu, the light from the Pure Land
is Great Doctor Tathagata’s radical treatment.