Dharma Card for March, 2017


                Wherever I may be,

              Where I am at present

              Is where I ought to truly exist.

                              by Rev. Fusetsu Noda


   It has long been said that all things are in flux
through the endless circle of birth, death, and
. So people have lived here and there in
various places. Especially in March and April in
Japan, many people change their residence for
school entrance, employment, transference,
occupation change, or removal. It is a time of “move.”

T’an-luan states, “To maintain ‘tranquility’ amid ‘move’ is the
power of wisdom.”  In the above poem, “wherever I may be”
corresponds to “move,” and the realization “where I ought to truly
exist” refers to “tranquility.”

   Let us say the nembutsu wherever we may be. Yes, a maxim goes,
“There should be tranquility in move.”  Aspiring the light of wisdom,
we will be tranquil and peaceful in mind.

  (Notice:  My ariticle “Why do we say the nembutsu?” will be published in

   the Daihorin, 4, on sale on March 10.)