Dharma Card for February, 2017


          “To get angry,”

         “To get greedy,”

         Have never been taught to me,

         But I can do both.

                            by Tatsuo Ichou



This verse was introduced in a Bukkyo Kodomo Shinbun
(Buddhist Paper for Children) and it reveals the depth of
our mind well.

   There also goes a tanka-poem by Ms. Taeko Aoyagi, Nishitokyo:

       Crying “It’s mine, it’s mine,” in tears,

 contends with her sister, a girl of age two

 full of greed and anger. 

As a matter of fact, this is the description of my own reality,
and of the human beings at large. Without greed and anger,
there would be no jealous,
crimes, or wars in the world.

    Enlightening these karmic fixes, the light from the pure land,
the nembutsu, compassionates and saves the human sufferers.
When you say “Namoamidabutsu,” you are actually touching the
working of Amida Buddha, and in remorse for your own sinfulness
and in gratitude of His saving, you will go on to say the nembutsu again.