Dharma Card for January, 2017

            Namas and worship

          The Tathagata of Unhindered Light

          Fulfilling the ten directions,

          In the deepest adoration;

          There shines the first sunlight of the New Year.

                         by Rev. Shinryu Umehara

     Photo by Katsumi Uno


         A Happy New Year

         The 29th Year of Heisei


         The 2560th Year of Buddha’s Nirvana

   Rev. Shinryu Umehara (1884-1966), born in Toyama Prefecture, was
the representative of the Kangakuryo (Learning Dormitory) in the
Jodoshinshu Hongwanji School and later became the president of
Toyama University; with the fame of excellent virtue and scholarship.
His tanka poems are filled with the spirit of the nembutsu.

   Adoring the first sunlight as the light from the Pure Land, let us live
each day of this year in the “Awakened Mind.”