Dharma Card for October, 2016

                         Koju Fujieda

                                                  Ryokeiji Temple

You say you are too busy to have the time to hear Dharma?

What important matters are you busy with at all?

                                ---Rev. Daisen Takamitsu



*Priest: Next Sunday the Eitaikyo Sutra Chanting Service is observed. Please
come to the temple.

Mrs.A: Oh, no. That’s the day of our company’s recreation trip!

*Priest: Hoonko Service is drawing near. I will be waiting for your participation.

Mr. B:  It’s very kind of you, but I will think of that when I get older.

*Priest: When you visit your grave, please come in the hall and hear Dharma.

Mr. C:  But other family members will come together----.


Well, well. Excuses to avert Buddhist Dharma lie here and there!  A sutra

says there are eight hindrances against Dharma hearing. For example, a

country of longevity, a very pleasant dwelling, and a worldly successful

person.  When you are in the midst of pleasantness, you tend to forget the

most important matter for a human. Here is Buddha’s reminder::

  “You humans were born for hearing Dharma to attain enlightenment!”