Dharma Card for September, 2016

          Life asks us how we are to live it;

          How long we live is not important.

                                                    ---Ashely Hegi


   Born in Canada, Ashely Hegi started to have her skin
hardened and her hair dropping off.  By and by her family
knew that she was suffering from progeria, a rare disease
that makes the patients’ body get old unusually fast,

causing their average life span to be 13 years.  Ashely,
however, faced her disease bravely, living her child life
positively, and made the longest record of life span when
she died at the age of 17, leaving impressively bright

      “I like myself who can be happy with this disease.

    I like myself who can be calm, without getting
angry with the others even when they abuse me or
provoke me.”

   “I think my mom could not accept the fact that
I will die before she.”

Thus, Ashely lived through her own bestowed life

We Japanese, who live in the country of longevity,
should reflect ourselves,

shouldn’t we?

   ☆”You know, it’s too late if you realize it after
you die.” (Mitsuo Aida)