Dharma Card for August, 2016

                                                     Koju Fujieda


   The power that you put forth is “jiriki” or your self-power;

   The power that comes out is “tariki” or the other-power.

                                                   ---Rev. Eise Hino

    I once read a sad story of a mother in the Hiroshima A-bomb hell.
Wanting to rescue her daughter from under the fallen timber, she asked
some passers-by to move it, in vain. Desperately she put her burnt
shoulder under it and barely saved her daughter out only to die herself
on the spot. What a marvelous power!  It must have come out from the
mother’s strongest wish to save her daughter, comparable to the
inconceivable other-power of Amida Buddha.

   Shinran Shonin says, “The other-power is the power of the Tathagata’s
Original Vow.”  By His deepest wish to save all suffering people by any
means, they are naturally led to the way to enlightenment.

   Moved by His great compassion in the bottom of our heart,
“Namuamidabutsu” naturally comes out of our lips---the “other-power
nembutsu,” the realm of being drawn by something great; different from
the self-power nembutsu, which one works out for one’s own merits.