Dharma Card for July, 2016

                                                     Koju Fujieda

    “The mistaken idea of the modern people on religion
is that they are trying to grasp the religious truth with
the same viewpoint as they have when they seek for the
scientific truths. However hard they may endeavor, they
will never succeed, for the two are in quite different

                                                   ---Dr. Hideki Yukawa

   In the modern times people tend to have an illusion that
science solves everything, but such great scientists as
Dr. Hideki Yukawa and Albert Einstein, who reached the
ultimate depth of science, had keen insight into the
relationship between science and religion.

   “Intelligence clarifies the mutual relation between end
and means, but thinking alone cannot give us the ultimate
and rudimental sense of purpose.

  To clarify this final end and the ultimate value and let
the idea root in individual emotional lives is a true human
life. I believe this is the most important function of religion.”
(Albert Einstein)

  A human life is often referred to as a travel. Where are
you heading for? For what purpose?  Conclusively, this is a
question of what you were born for and your life destination.
Let us hear the teaching of the true religion that answers
those questions.