Dharma Card for June, 2016


     It is from the ear

   that light enters the mind  

                                    by Helen Keller

   As you know, Helen Keller was three-fold-handicapped
in her ear, eye, and speech, but she wrote in her letter:

   “Being unable to hear is more severe and complicated
than being unable to see. Deafness is more unlucky than
blindness, for it implies the loss of the most vitally
important stimulus, voice. Being deaf means that you
cannot use the channel of the voice which creates language,
activates thinking, and communicates intellectually with
other human beings.”

   According to some pediatric doctors, the sense of hearing
starts to function faster than any other senses; an fetus
begins to form the auditory sense in the eighth week from
fertilization and in the twentieth it can hear the sound

   In the same way, it is initially important to listen to
Dharma talks with your ears. To hear the Buddha’s Name,
“Namoamidabutsu” is your first task, for the Name is the
truthful calling from the Buddha.  Therefore, say his Name
with your mouth first and hear his Name with your ears.