Dharma Card for May, 2006


        As people eat, their bones grow up;

       If you let your mind eat good words,

       your mind’s bones grow up.

                           7th grader

                           Nanao Takaso

    The main nutrient substances are protein, fat, carbohydrate,

inorganic salts, and water, but in order to keep those in balance

and promote growth we can never dispense with organic vitamins,

though small in quantity.

    However, as vitamins cannot be synthesized in the body, they

have to be taken in from the outside as food.

    Human beings need intellectual, moral and physical education,

but in schools today in Japan intellectual and physical education

seems to be stressed while moral education seems to be left behind.

Our mind’s functions are often categorized as intellect, emotion, and

will, and the latter two are very difficult to control. Moral education

is related with these two. A couple of generations ago moral discipline

used to be made much of in school and much more at home. “Good

words that grow up the mind” justly imply this moral education like

greetings in the morning and evening, grace at meals, considerate

conversations among family members and friends. Moreover, we

should not forget “good words” between the Buddha and us, the

nembutsu.  Those are all indispensable vitamins.

    On children’s day let us give them “good words.”