Dharma Card for April, 2016


        Praying for a magic

That turns everything he touches

into gold, Midas got it to his dismay,

Pitifully greedy King.      

                                  by Guseki

 This is an ancient Greek myth. In return for helping Dionysus’s
father, King Midas was offered to get any wish by the god. He
wished that everything he touched would be turned into gold,
and the wish came true. Everything, a tree branch or stone he
touched was turned into gold, even food and water became gold,
to his dismay. He would be starved. Even his daughter or bed!

  Midas repented and besought the god to release the charm.
“Well, then,
bathe yourself in the Pactoros River” said the god
and the spell was discharged.

In the present time people tend to think that money solves
anything, but money is a mere price, payment, or substitute for
the real matter. Money is different from the real value of a thing
or service itself. If you have paid some money for a fish at the
counter, the life of the fish is not compensated. “You should
realize the blessings of nature behind the price; you should
appreciate the Dharma joy behind the monetary offering,” the
myth seems to teach.