Dharma Card for March, 2016


       Even when it has become a cut of fish/meat,

    it still remains part of a life;

       it is not cut from a sin of life-taking sin.

                                  by Dr. Gen Oh-i



Buddhism admonishes us against ten or five evil acts, and the first

of them is a sin of taking the life of other beings. When we slit open a

living fish or strangle a chicken, we may slightly feel guilty of taking

a life, but when it has become a cut of fish or meat, we tend to take it

just as a mere food stuff, and we only discuss its taste, nutrition, or

price without any sense of guilt, having other people commit the sin

of life taking. We have no sense of gratitude for being blessed with

precious lives for nothing (the money paid going to the people concerned

with the killing). This is the reality of us, sinful beings.

    If we are awakened to such facts, why not say the grace at meals

at least?

          Thanks to many lives and people,

          I am blessed with this meal.

          Thinking deeply of their boon,

          I take this meal (Itadakimasu).

And after a meal, don’t forget to say

          I have enjoyed this meal (Gochisosama deshita).