Dharma Card for February, 2016

                 Thinking of the day

                When I return to the Great Life,

                Gladly saying His Name


                                by Muso Kimura

       Photo by Isamu Tsugo

Mr. A: Muso-san’s remark reminds me of the season of Omimi (ear) dumpling.
Priest: Yes, around February 15, I remember as a child, the Nehan (nirvana)
    dumpling was delivered; it looked like an earlobe tinged with red, yellow
    and blue, curled around and cut in such a shape.

Mr. A: Did Shakyamuni Buddha also return to the great life named nirvana?
Priest: Yes. Once I was impressed by Mrs. Sonoko Takubo’s episode. As a
    school girl, she was taken seriously sick and afraid of death. Then her
    father, temple priest, brought a few balloons and let her break one and
    said, “The air inside only has got together with the air outside, didn’t it?
     Your life is the same.  It will get together with the Buddha’s.  No problem.”
This relieved her anxiety completely.

Mr. A;  Muso-san seems to have said the same thing.
Priest:  Yes, sure.  On March 6, his 33rd anniversary service will be observed in
    the Number 3 Wajoen.  Come and meet him.