Dharma Card for January, 2016

               Not to be greedy,
          Not to get angry,
    Not to grumble,

      Can I try for the first three days
      at least in the New Year, I wonder?

                                by Mitsuo



         A Happy New Year

         The 28th Year of Heisei


         The 2559th Year of Buddha’s Nirvana

   Every time we read Mr. Mitsuo Aida’s poems, we are deeply

impressed, for he has a deep insight into our human nature as one

of his anthology titles goes “Since We Are Human.”

   The light of the Buddha reveals the realities of us ordinary people,

embraces them, and lead us on the right way to enlightenment.

   I do hope this year will be one full of the light from the Pure Land

in the nembutsu.

         “First spring day,

             returning to ignorance

   over ignorance”

                   by Issa