Dharma Card for October, 2015


             When a china knocks against another,

             they are apt to crack.

             If either one is soft, they will be safe.

             We should have a soft mind, I think,       

             but I always remain a hard china.

                                  ---Mitsuo Aida

Lady:  That’s why I make it a rule to put soft tissues between chinas. 
In my home, also, as I always try to be such a buffer, my family
members are free from collision.

Master: That “me-being-a-buffer mind is nothing but a hard mind,
isn’t it?


   This is part of the Dharma talk by Rev. Shuto Aoyama, who
wants to say that everybody’s ego-centered mind like “Me” is
just like a hard earthenware.  Important is that you are always
within view of your self or ego as you realize, “ I always remain
a hard chine,”

   In order for your to have a good view of such a fact, you
definitely need a light from Pure Land in terms of the nembutsu,