Dharma Card for August, 2015


         When we say “Namu-amida-butsu,”

           Which surpasses all virtues,

Our heavy obstructions of evil

---past, present, and future---

           Are all unfailingly transformed,

becoming light.

                      ---Hymns of the Pure Land

  by Isamu Tsugo


We have various obstructions in our life and we are truly annoyed especially
when we are entangled with human relations. On such an occasion, if we can
change our view of the other person, trouble may be lessened unexpectedly.

Ms. Atsuko Saisho was an expert tanka-poet, but she was so badly bullied
by her mother-in-law that it became a neighborhood gossip. One day when
Atsuko was sewing clothes, her mother harassed her by saying, “I have
composed the latter half of a tanka poem like this

‘people say the mother-in-law is a hag.’

    Why not supply the first half, you poet?”

       Taken aback just a moment, Atsuko soon retorted, “How about this first half, mother,

 ‘Not knowing her Buddha-like real mind’?”

    This decided the fight. The mother-in-law altered her attitude thereafter.

       Here is a Dharma haiku by Muso Kimura:

           Realizing all are to die,

              How dear they seem to me!

       The nembutsu viewpoint tells.