Dharma Card for July, 2015


         Common sense is not knowledge,

           but sensibility as a human being or

           good sense.

                          ---Definition by a dictionary

  by Miyoko Tsutsumi


(1) “I will buy this.”  “It is 108 yen.”  “What?  Isn’t this a Hundred-Yen
Shop?”  “The 8 per cent tax is common knowledge, sir.”  “Well, but here
goes a senryu haiku, ‘To the god I threw a coin including tax.’  Why not
include the tax here, too?”  “No, I can’t; taxation is a law.”

(2) “See her.  She is making up in the train. Girls nowadays lack in
common sense.”  “Sure, but I heard a girl say ‘Make-up is for my sweet-
heart; it’s none of other people’s business.”

The first case refers to the knowledge that everybody should have, but the
second to good sense or human sensibility.  The girl in the train is behaving
as if there were no other people around her, denying any relationship with
them.  Her audacious attitude is nothing but egocentrism, lacking in human

   This seems to be the time when human sensitivity and awakening is badly
needed or should be recovered.