Dharma Card for June, 2015


         Beautiful is the person

         who has the eye to see

           beauty in others.

                        ---Rev. Fusetsu Noda

  Photo by Isamu Tsugo


This is a season when various flowers are blooming

beautifully. Every flower of nature is fascinatingly beautiful

without fail. It should be said to be the mystery of creation. 

But what would you say about people?  Some look smart, while

others do not, to be sure, but what particularly worries us is their

demeanor.  We are apt to pay attention to their disagreeable

aspects only, missing good points or even feeling jealous of them,

aren’t we?

   In the Amida Sutra it goes that in the large pond of Pure Land

there are blue lotuses radiating a blue light, yellow ones a yellow

light, red ones a red light, and white ones a white light.  Similarly,

all people are radiating their own light of personality, but the problem

is whether we have the eye to discern it.

   “While the moon light never fails to reach every corner of the

    earth, it resides only in the eye of those who behold it,” composed

Honen Shonin.  Likewise, if the mind pond of us is tranquil and even,

the lunar light of truth will be reflected as a perfect circle.

   Let us say the nembutsu and aspire for the mind of non-discrimination.