Dharma Card for May, 2015


Mom’s Work

         Taking care of her baby,

         Preparing our meals

         Washing our clothes,

           Shopping and cleaning,

           Even doing a side job, too,

           “Wow, what a lot!”

           Mom is filled with work;

           Mom will be broken down.

                ---by a first grader Mitsuru Sato

                      from Kodomo no Fuaki Me

Haiku Picture by Miyoko Tsutsumi


In Japan, May 5 is Children’s Day and May 10

(Second Sunday) is Mother’s Day.  The relationship

between the mother and the children is deeper than

anything else. From the pregnancy, to the birth, nursing,

and raising, from the nursery or kindergarten to elementary

school,….and to college, yet then finding employment, etc.,

the she works enthusiastically for her child.

   Such mother’s love is intelligible to her children, even

to a first grader.  We adults, too, were all brought up by

such mothers’ care, as is expressed in the following tanka


       On the examination’ day,

         softly grasping a pencil Mom sharpened for me,

         I feel ready for it.  (Kazumi Nagata, Osaka)  

       Every time I call Mom

worrying about her conditions,

the call ends up with her worry about me.

      (Masahiko Kano, Chiba Pref.)

   Ven. Genshin called Amida Budda “The Most Compassionate

Mother.” Let us thank our living mothers or deceased mothers,

….without forgetting the days of their death.