Dharma Card for April, 2015


Namuamidabutsu is the compass,

         The compass of our life voyage,

         Pointing to the west all the time;

         As we say it, it directs us to the west:

         Namuamidabutsu, Namuamidabutsu.

                                      ---Muso Kimura


    Photo by Isamu Tsugo


In Japan, this is the time for young people to enter

schools and companies, and they are full of hopes to

embark on their new life voyage. For such an occasion

Kotaro Takamura’s remark is rightly impressive:

   “However hard it may be turned around,

    the magnetic needle points to the North all the time.”

Surely in whatever way its base may be disturbed, the

needle never fails to indicate the north.  Likewise, however

stormy your life voyage may be, if you have a firm compass

or magnetic needle, you are sure to attain your goal. This is

a good maxim for new starters of society.

   Isn’t it, however, applicable also to all the other people

than starters?  Where are we heading for every day in life?

If you were spending every day not knowing where to go,

you human life would turn to be meaningless. Importance

lies in taking the route to attain enlightenment from this

delusive state; from this saha world to Pure Land.

   “The compass for that destination is Namuamidabutsu,”

says Muso Kimura, a nembutsu poet.