Dharma Card for March, 2015


       There is no despair in life;

       Whatever life you may live,

       you are wished not to despair of yourself.

               ---by Ms. Hisako Nakamura




      Born in Takayama City, Hisako Nakamura started

   her long thorny path of life as she had her hands and

   feet amputated at the age of three due to her acute

   gangrene. However, thanks to her grandmother’s kind

   encouragement and her mother’s rigid training aiming

   at her dependence, she taught herself a unique way to

do writing, sewing, and knitting without her hands.

   At the age of twenty, she entered the entertainment

world withas the draw name of “Tumbler Girl”, and encountered

a great calligrapher Rokuho Oki, who led her to calligraphy,

a heavily handicapped lady Aiko Zako, who impressed her

with perseverance, and the world-famous lecturer Helen

Keller, who hugged and encouraged her, 41 years old then.

The next year she met an earnest Dharma teacher Gaho

Fukunaga, who introduced Tannisho (A Record in Lamment

of Divergences) to her and she came to be a devout nembutsu

person. This changed her life course: she quit theater performance

at the age of 46 and engaged herself in authoring, lecturing,

visiting care houses, which activities brought her an award from

Welfare Ministry when she was 65 years old. Then at the age

of 72 she accomplished her “Life “Without Despair”, on March 19.

   Deprived of hands and feet as I am,

   How precious this present life of mine is,

   Allowed to live thanks to all!