Dharma Card for February, 2015


      How difficult it must be for one

      to hear out this Dharma!

      Simply because one thinks one is clever.

                      by Ichiren-in Shuzon




   Reader: What is this Dharma?

   Priest:  It means Buddhist Dharma or the calling

               of the Tathagata.

   Reader: How about hear out?

   Priest:  It means to hear and deeply understand,           

               and then naturally say the nembutsu.

   Reader: That sounds too difficult for me.

   Priest:  Thats the point. Its because you make

               too much of yourself as clever.

   Reader: But I dont think of myself so clever.

   Priest:  Well, even if you dont, do you think you

              are foolish and astray?

   Reader: No, I am educated any way.

   Priest:  That education is a problem.  Surely it

              increases your knowledge, but the more

              knowledge you get, the less you can see

              through the inside of yourself. When you

encounter the Tathagatas light that breaks

that delusion, you come to realize your own

self as an ignorant guy and find this Dharma

permeating into you.