Dharma Card for January, 2015


   Magnificent morning of the New Year

   Dharma-bodys wheel of light

   Is to be firstly worshipped

                from the Ichiichike




   Humbly Welcoming the New Year

         On the morning of January 1,


The 27th Year of Heisei

             The 2558th Year of Buddhas Nirvana

              (Southern Buddhist Calendar)

   This years first Dharma haiku is by Ven. Koei

Fuji, the twenty-fourth Chief Abbot of Goshoji Temple,

Izumoji-school, Shin Buddhism.

   The first thing to do on the New Years morning is

to praise the Buddhas light and say the nembutsu, he


   Human stupidities and the darkness of the world cannot

be revealed and healed if not by the light of wisdom of the


   I sincerely hope that all of us will be led by His light

of compassion throughout this year.