Dharma Card for December, 2014


  As I am eight years old,

it means I have lived for 29,120 days

  If I become eighty years old,

  then I will have lived for 29,200 days.

  It seems shorter than I expected.

               by Hiyori Takeuchi (2nd grader)

               Translated from 202 Children


Wife: How well the child calculates!

Husband: Now that I am more than eighty years old,

      it means I have lived for about 30,000 days,

      doesnt it?  If we regard our lives in terms

      of days, we realize their limitation.  I wonder

      how many more days I can live from now.

Wife: Cheer up!  Well, speaking of calculation, how

      many times do you think you have eaten meals so

      far?  Taking three meals a day for eighty years

      means you have eaten 87,600 meals.

Husband: So many?  Have I taken so many meals?  How much

      I owe you! Moreover, how much I owe those lives I

      have taken as meals!  It is not that I have lived

      for eighty years, but I should say I have been

      supported to live for that many years!  Namuamidabutsu.