Dharma Card for November, 2014

         Let the kindness you did to others

flow down the stream;

         Let the kindness you received from others

                      be inscribed in a stone.



       One day a famous monk Sengai was walking down the

   street in Hakata, Kyushu, when his clog thong snipped

off to his bewilderment. Seeing his plight, a landlady

ran out of her shop and fixed it for him. Thank you

very much, he said and went away. Because she helped

the great monk, she felt happy all the day.

       Next morning when the monk again passed by her shop,

   she expected some  word of thanks from him, but he only

   said, Good morning, and went away.  Towards the evening,

   as she noticed him coming back, she pushed herself on to

   the center of the street to face him, but he merely said,

   Hi.  What an ungrateful monkie! she exploded within herself

   and spread her indignation around.

       When her grievance reached his ear, Sengai revealed, I did

   not like to offset her great kindness with mere words of thanks;

   I wanted to inscribe her good deed into the notebook of my mind

   and keep it till I die.  This is an episode against patronizing


       Now this is the month of Hoonko to remember Shinran Shonins

   unreturnable benevolence to us. Let us thank him from the bottom

   of our hearts.