Dharma Card for October, 2014


    Realizing the sorrow of being a man,

    Appreciating the joy of being a man,

    Guided by the Nembutsu, my Life.

                          by Rev. Harumi Osa


     We lighthouse keepers at the cape,

     Together with my wife, wave the beam

     To the ships sailing in the off shore,

     Praying for their safety.

This lyrics remind us of the theme song of a

film named Many Years of Joy and Sorrow.  Surely

our life is like a rope twisted with joy and sorrow.

But under such an everyday life lies this:

    What a sorrow it is to be a man

    who cannot control his insatiable ego-centric self.

                                      Takuboku Ishikawa

Lying behind the center of everybodys existence is this

ego-attachment, which appears as I am right, I want to

do as I like, I love myself most, and so on.  The nembutsu

makes us realize such a sorrow and saves us.

   How grateful it is to be given a life that can understand

the Buddhas words/  How grateful it is to be raised to say

the nembutsu/ I am going to depart from this life in gratitude.

(Rev. Ayako Suzuki)

   There is no other joy exceeding this.