Dharma Card for  September, 2014

        When I say the nembutsu,

       my stupid eyes are opened

       and my evil passions are beginning to be seen;

       Precious is the time  hereafter.

                                                        by Eiichi Enomoto


    Here is a dialogue between Hina, a nembutsu woman in the

Hokuriku District and Dr. Daisetsu Suzuki, who found her as

a “myokonin” (rare nembutsu person):


Hina: “When I look into my mind, I get sick of  myself; I feel disgusted

           of myself.  How ashamed-- I am!--, Namuamidabutsu.”

          “Accompanying this wretched hag is my Parent, Amida Buddha;

           How grateful I am, Namuamidabutsu!”

Daisetsu: “If you abhor your evil passions so much, why not give

           me half of them?”

Hina: “Oh, no, never, Sensei.  Only by my evil passions have I been

           able to encounter the working of the Tathagata.”

Daisetsu: “You are right, Hina.  As I have got such wild passions myself,

even two  or three times more, let us make the most of our passions,

shall  we?”


The nembutsu is the light from Pure Land that reveals and assimilates

    the evil passions. (Koju)