Dharma Card for August, 2014


     Hesitating to hit a mere fly

        How my mind wavers!

             A pathetic phase of aging.             

                                    by Ashiko Kaneda


      The above tanka poem was composed by my

father-in-law and it reminds me of Issas


     Hey, dont hit the fly;

  its rubbing its hands and feet

   as if to beseech you.

In Buddhism Not to kill living  beings is

the top of the five precepts, but how is the

situation of the modern world?  Humanism does

sound good, but actually it is a thought based

on the egoism of human beings, wishing for the

prosperity of the human race alone. Hence comes out

the notion of noxious insects, birds, and animals,

and the invention of agricultural chemicals, which

are hurting the earth.

  Mountains, rivers, grasses, and trees,

all possess the Buddha-nature.(The Nirvana Sutra)

  Hearing the coos of mountain birds, I take them

as my father and mother. (Gyoki)

   All sentient beings, without exception,  

have been our parents and brothers and

sisters in the course of countless lives

in many sates of existence. (Shinran)

These Buddhist viewpoints teach us to repent of

our human egoism and seek for peaceful co-existence

with all sentient beings.