Dharma Card for July, 2014

           How foolish to quarrel with each other!

          Only by encountering Amida Buddhas light

revealing such regrettable plight can the

 world come to revere each other.

                            ---by Guseki (Koju)


Pure winds blow in the jewel-trees,

Producing the five tones of the scale.

As those sounds are harmonious and spontaneous,

Pay homage to Amida, the one imbued with purity.


In the above hymn, Shinran mentions the five tones of

the scale in the Eastern music, kyu ( or do), sho

( or re), kaku (角 or mi, chi( or so), u(羽 or

ra), what is called the pentatonic scale. When the

breeze makes the leaves of the jewel-trees dance about,

all those five tones make a harmonious music; even kyu

and sho, what are called dissonances with each other,

become chords inconceivably. Therefore we must worship

Amida Buddha who has this purifying power. So goes the


   This world is filled with people who think themselves

right; each sticks to ones own ego as kyu or sho and

quarrels with others, so the world is full of troubles

as reported in the newspaper.

   Feeling sorry for this plight, Amida Buddha sheds the

light to reveal the human foolishness.  When you encounter

this light, you will realize your own selves and revere

each other with Gassho.

  (Adapted from Ven.Koshin Ohtanis Ima wo Ikasarete

(Allowed to Live by Now), a really insightful book.)