Dharma Card for May, 2014


      Majority is not better necessarily;

     We can live by oxygen, a fifth of the air.

                               Tonnampei Nishi


   As you may know, 78 percent of the air is nitrogen while

20.9 percent is oxygen. The majority is nitrogen, but we are

able to live owing to oxygen, the minority, Mr. Nishi remarks.

   One morning on his way to school, K kun, a third grader of

an elementary school happened to witness an old man falling

from his bicycle. He immediately went into a small shop nearby,

and asked the shopkeeper to use the phone to call an ambulance.

After the man was taken to the hospital, K kun dashed to school.

   For this incident he was late for school where the first

school period of his class was supposed to be a test time. But

his teacher, informed of the incident by the shopkeepers phone,

postponed the test to the second period.

   Towards the end of the school day, the class meeting was held

to discuss whether the teachers action was right or not,  because

some school kids complained of the change of the test time saying

the change affected their test score. When they were going to vote,

the teacher declared that this was not a matter to decide by the

majority, for K kuns respectable action exceeds such comparison.

   Decision by majority seems to be a matter of course in modern

society, but it is not almighty. A greater number of modern people (in

Japan) are not willing to hear the Dharma, but can that majority trend

be called righteous?