Dharma Card for December, 2013


   Life won’t go like closing the door,

saying good-bye and going out.

                 ---Fumi Saito


The poet wrote another tanka poem:


Lighted up from the side of death,

the life might be truly blazing in scarlet,

                 ---Fumi Saito


Both poems are said to have been composed

while she was taking care of her bedridden

mother and husband; especially her mother

was in dementia.

She seems to say, “Whatever condition you

may be in, you will not be able to take leave

of this world so easily,” and “Even if you cannot

recognize the inside of your kin in dementia,

his or her life may be blazingly bright in the light

of the other side of life.”

  Surely, to complete one’s life is not so easy, for

both the young and the old. The question is

whether the destination of your life is clearly seen,

for yourself and your family. Is the Pure Land secured

for you where you can meet your kin and friends in the

same place?