Dharma Card for November


      There are three occasions when one reveals

      one’s real nature:

         when one is alone with nobody around,

         when one is in the rage,


         when an unexpected big problem has arisen.

                                     by Rev. Eisen Hino



       As a young monk, I was shown by our chief abbot a slip

of tanzaku paper on which two Chinese characters were


                    “愼”(shin(Be modest

”  (doku) ( when alone).

     He admonished me to understand the maxim and try to be

     modest especially when I am alone, not observed by

     other people.


        “If you want to see a demon show, you can do it for free.”


        “Look at your face in the mirror when you are in the rage.”


        “You have a cancer,” said the doctor as a result of the

close examination following the mass screening. What a shock

to me!  I don’t know how I looked then, but my deep-rooted desire

to live must have been clearly revealed.


   “Illusory thoughts are the base of ordinary people (bombu).”

                                     by Ven. Genshin