Dharma Card for October, 2013


     When you tell someone the truth,

      you had better be careful,

      you are apt to hurt the other party.

                                              by Hiroshi Yoshino

    Photo by Isamu Tsugo



   “Oh, you, bee!  Do you also have a sting?”   This is the

utterance when the nembutsu person Genza of Inaba (Tottori

Prefecture) was stung by a bee. He was such a compassionate

person that he often went between the quarreling parties, but

even in his kindness, he must have found that his true words

often “stung” the other party.

    Generally, people don’t meddle in others’ errors or wrong,

unless there is a clash of interests. Just like the popular haiku


    “When you blurt out criticism,

     the cold wind of fall dries up your lips,”

most people remain strangers who protect themselves.

    Your kindred and true friends, on the other hand, cannot

be indifferent to your plight, but dare to rectify it, only with

cautious approach as Mr. Yoshino admonishes.

    In the case of the Tathagata, however, he is your “kin,” not

an unconcerned “stranger.”  He is calling to you all the time

saying, “Keep awake to your ego-centered self and entrust

yourself to Namuamidabutsu.”  Certainly the nembutsu is the

true light from the Pure Land to rectify you warmly..