Dharma Card for June, 2013


“To get angry”

        “To be greedy”

        Never have I learned,

        but able I am.

                      ---Ichiyo Tatsuo


       Photo by Isamu Tshugo


          This note in the Buddhist Newspaper for

        Children struck me.

           “We have never been taught how to get angry nor

        how to be greedy at school, but we are capable

        of doing so without any instruction or practice.

        We soon get offended by whatever antagonizes

        me and we soon want to get whatever pleases us, even

        other people’s belongings.”

          The above saying is stated very easily, but

        reveals the depth of our nature sharply.

           “Grasping the other breast of the mother

            Is the beginning of

            The babe’s greed.”

        This senryu (satirical) haiku, which refers to the baby’s

egoism trying to monopolize his mother’s breasts, also

supports the idea that people exist on the basis of such

greed and anger.

           Moreover, there is another phase aspect of the basis

named ignorance or darkness of our mind that does not

realize those evils inside.

            The Tathagata (Amida Buddha) completed His Original

        Vow to save us after seeing through our nature to its depth,

so He is calling, “I know it, therefore rely on me and say