Dharma Card for May, 2013


Trying to “calculate” (hakarau)

His immeasurable Compassion,

In vain after all,

Only to be saved by His great design.

                          ---by Kazuo Shima


  Painted by Miyoko Tsutsumi



“Hakarau” in Japanese is to think and weigh this way and that

trying to decide the right judgment of a matter, and the term

is used both on the side of us believers and the Buddha.
In our daily lives we calculate all the time; when we are presented

a gift, we try to calculate the value; when we see a death notice of

our friend, we calculate about an obituary gift (money).

Besides money, we calculate how long this work will take, or what

he (she) is thinking of me

  Thus, the mind to “hakarau” or “caluculate” is rooted deep in our


  However, there is a matter that we forget to calculate; we do not

calculate our own nature which is the most important for us.  If it 

were put on the computer, what results would come out?  The Buddha

has seen through our nature, and that is why He completed the Original

Vow of great compassion. If you hear the true Dharma and realize His

great calculation or design, you will not dare to meddle with His Vow by
your petty calculation but
, rather, entrust yourselves to His great and perfect