Dharma Card for April, 2013


        Is it only bamboos in the thicket

or field horsetails in the bank

that live in a mesh of interrelation

in the invisible world?

               by Rev. Yoshio Toi



Recently it has been reported that “direct cremation” is increasing

in the urban areas in Japan. When one dies in the hospital, the body

is “directly delivered” to the crematory without any funeral services.

What do they think of a human being’s life?

   Nobody was born on his or her own from nothing. Nobody grew

up by his or her self. He or she has been interrelated with and indebted

to his or her parents, brothers and sisters, school teachers, friends,

neighbors, colleagues, officers, and countless people in the society.

Isn’t it a normal human being that leaves this world thanking all of them

for their direct and indirect interactions with him or her?  A funeral,

besides being a religious ceremony, is an occasion, I believe, where the

chief mourner should express that gratitude to the related people in place

of the deceased.

   I feel apprehensions about the modern trend of Japan that is too

much stuck with isolationism and calculation (pseudo-rationalism).