Dharma Card for March, 2013


    Spring has come;

    Everything in the universe

    Is being revived

    In Namuamidabutsu

                            by Rev.Tetsujo Fujiwara

    Painted by Miyoko Tsutsumi


    By the time the Doll’s Day Festival (March 3) is approaching,

the lingering cold seems to get less severe and the unfailing

movement of great nature is felt and the nembutsu comes out

of our mouths naturally.

   Shinran Shonin remarks,

“Amida Buddha fulfills the purpose of making us know

the significance of jinen.”

Jinen” implies that we will be born in the Pure Land not by our

own “calculations” but by the super-human “great design” of the

Buddha.  So all we have to do is to entrust ourselves to His great

design and say the nembutsu, and then we will get birth in the

Land of jinen or Ultimate Reality.

   In the above tanka poem Rev. Tetsujo Fujiwara, former resident

priest of Joshuji Temple in Ishikawa Pref. expresses his happy

feeling of something great or the Tathagata working in the

movement of great nature.

   Let us say the nembutsu happily in the light of spring.