Dharma Card for January



        How invaluable my life is

    that is enriched

    by His Inconceivable Light !

    I will live on today, too,

    in great reverence and gratitude.      

                                         ---Ko Hirazawa




     Humbly Welcoming the New Year

         On the morning of January 1,

             The 25th Year of Heisei

             The 2556th Year of Buddha

              (Southern Buddhist Calendar)


   Dr. Ko Hirazawa, ex-president of Kyoto University, was a

very devout Nembutsu person.  Encouraged by his exuberant

verse of shinjin, I would like to spend this year in the same


   Wishing for your lasting friendship and guidance,


                                  Koju Fujieda

                                  Ryokeiji Temple