Dharma Card for October


     Practicing filial piety toward one’s parents

    is nothing but realizing the very root

of one’s life.

                   ---Rev. Daiei Kaneko

  Painted by Miyoko Tsutsumi




“Mom, I got an informal notice of my employment from the company

    of my first selection. Mom, you passed away when I was a sophomore,

    but the inheritance you left for me helped me complete the graduate

    course and get an employment. You brought me up as the only bread-

    winner, devoting yourself to part-time jobs. I remember I quarreled with

    you as I wanted to go to college outside our prefecture, but finally I

    selected to go to a national college in our home area. I was simply worried

    that you might be left alone, you know. When I passed that college, you

    cried with joy.  As I wanted to lessen your financial support, I applied

    for a scholarship and even for an exemption of the college fee.  Such was

    all that I could do for you as a filial duty.

       So, what a shock it was to me I when I learned that you had cancer.

    You got skinny in a year and on the day you dies, you were racked with

    pain. All I could do was to grasp your hand. When your bed was moved

    to a single room, I tried to hold you in my arms, then you clung to me in

    tears. I could not help crying, too.

       Thank you, Mom, for everything you did to bring me up. I could not

say so in your face, and I have not repaid any part of what you had done

to me, but next time I visit your grave, I will report all I feel I owe to you.”

                            ----Mr. Unknown in Employment Frontier


      This young man must be treading the path to realize the very root of

his own life.  My strong impression of his words convinced me so.